A Simple Way to Turbocharge Your WiFi using this Military Grade Device

Friday, December 7th, 2018

Stop being Frustrated by Slow WiFi & Deadspots

This ‘Breakthrough Invention’ creates ultra-fast WiFi that reaches every corner of your house. It's secret is it uses military grade technology to stop WiFi "dead zones" in their tracks. 

Stop being frustrated with long loading times or video buffering. These fast load times will leave you and your family with hours of worry free, blazing-fast internet.

Simply plug-in WiFi Surge™ to automatically connect to your existing WiFi network. Its so easy-to-use and its compatible with every USA Internet Service Provider (ISP).

And what’s so incredible about WiFi Surge™ is that it works with all routers & US cable providers!

Americans waste thousands of dollars on "Internet upgrades." Internet Service Providers will offer you a new router for $10-15 a month or a plan upgrade for $30+ a month. WiFi Surge™ doesn't cost you more money each month.

Proven Results: America Trusts WiFi Surge™

Due to overwhelming demand, inventory has been difficult to maintain. As of today there is a limited supply of WiFi Surges™. Click the Button below to find out if they are still available. 

Quick Version: Smart homeowners are using this device to eliminate dead spots & boosts WiFi speeds in just a few minutes. Click here to see if you qualify.

Join Thousands of Americans Turbocharging Their WiFi & Eliminating Dead Zones

"Used to never get signal in my basement when trying to facetime my kids, now everything loads fast there!" - Carol A, Georgia


Offer ends on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 11:59pm.

Turbocharge Your WiFi Connection Today

Once plugged in, WiFi Surge™ starts to emit its "blazing-fast" signal. You will immediately be able to stream HD movies, Netflix, Youtube, FaceTime and Skype without frustrating loading times.

Best of all, you won’t have to pay your greedy internet provider any more money each month to enjoy the fast speeds. WiFi Surge™ could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year by preventing you paying your Internet Provider for unnecessary & expensive upgrades. WiFi Surge™ is your all-in-one solution, just plug it in. No monthly payments, no hidden fees

Americans Are Ditching Expensive Internet Upgrades For This New WiFi Surge

Here is what WiFi Surge™ does for you:

  • Eliminates “Dead Spots”
  • Expands Internet Speeds
  • Boosts WiFi Signal Range
  • High Speed 54 Megabits per second
  • Installs Within Minutes
  • Compatible with any Internet Service Provider
  • 1000 sq feet Coverage
  • Works with any Phone, Laptop or Tablet

This "Break Through" Device:

  • Saves You Money
  • Super Easy to Use
  • No Paying Greedy Providers More Money
  • Get Signal Anywhere (Even the basement/backyard)
  • A Must-have For Every Home

Thousands of satisfied customers are just raving about this breakthrough device that is making their lives easier.

"We have this in our home. IT DOES WORK. I even downgraded my internet plan to save more money this made mine so fast." - Mason A, Los Angeles

"I had 1 bar of connection in my bedroom, now I have 5, my internet has never been this fast!" - Wendy M, New York City

"Couldn't watch Netflix in my room because of the connection, now I watch entire movies without it stuttering or lagging once." - Charles B, San Antonio

Where Can I Get This?

About Us

Wifisurge.com set out to end the frustrating dead zones & buffering in American homes. We aim to give American families an unmatched WiFi connection in every corner of their homes. 

WiFi Surge is located in Irvine California! 

If you have any questions or need additional information, send us an email here: [email protected] A member of our dedicated team will be able to quickly answer your questions so you can enhance you WiFi connection!