How to Set-Up WiFi Surge

WiFi Surge Modes

WiFi Surge has the ability to function as a WiFi Repeater or as an access point (AP).

There are advantages and disadvantages to each mode. 

The Wireless Repeater Mode is typically a much easier setup as it can be done without using an ethernet cord. However it does create a separate network inside your home where you will need to connect in the dead zone area.

The Access Point Mode (AP) requires an ethernet cord to go from your router all the way to the desired location of WiFi Surge. This mode creates a seamless WiFi connection in your house with no extra networks. If you are able to run an ethernet cable to the area this is the preferred method as there is no need to change networks.

Setting Up AP Mode

To set up AP mode on your WiFi Surge, please follow steps 1-3 above.

Instead of selecting "Repeater Mode" like step 4 above, select "AP" mode. 

Then follow the steps on the second page starting at the blue number 5 inside the PDF instructions below.